Who We Are

A team is not just a set of People, but is the strength that comes from the union of every single collaboration.

Valerio Ricevimenti

Born in 1993, Valerio Ricevimenti started its family-run activity and, as it is desirable in every family, the values that should go with the growing of the company, have been rapidly passed down to its “sons”: the passion for working, the respect for raw materials, the politeness towards customers, the attention for all the aspects of the service.

For more than 25 years we have been taking care of our costumers during their important moments and we have been dealing with events of all kind, whether private or corporate, in Tuscany and in different parts of Italy. We offer a catering and banqueting service, but you can rely on us for every single detail of your event, as our loyal costumers know since many years. They have found in us the caring, the accuracy and the concern that mark the companies born from a real passion and from the desire to grow, improve and realize results to be proud of. Only the pleasure to enojoy the event in serenity is left to you.

During the last years of activity, some Institutional costumers have chosen us to symbolize the Tuscan caterings abroad, so they allowed us to organize events in Spain, Belgium, Germany and France, where we could talk about the traditional products of our region.

Besides all these results, for two years in a row (2012 and 2013) Valerio Ricevimenti was awarded “King of Catering”, the most important italian competition among caterings.


The more the roots of a tree will sink in the ground,
the more its leafy branches could raise.


With more than 25 years on the shoulders, the goal of Valerio Ricevimenti is to develop and increase more and more its activity, in order to be always equal to every kind of events and to its new venue, without losing its relationship with the costumer, or moving away from its primordial guide values.

Everyday we work hard to research high quality and natural products, when it is possible indeed, we purchase them from the local small producers, because we believe in the strength of natural, simple and genuine cooking.

Every year we choose our waiters and organize internal courses in order to teach them our values and our corporate philosophy, to upgrade our service style and our guests care. Waiters are indeed our open window upon the world; they have to take care of our guests and to make them feel at ease. It is necessary therefore, that kindness and warm hospitality, our main features, shine through their smiles.

Today our team is united and efficent more than ever and we look proudly to the results achieved and with great ambition to the future.