Kitchen is the heart of a catering,
And cooks’ hands are the heartbeats:
kneading hands
cutting hands
mixing hands
combining hands
creating hands.

Our Cooking Philosophy

For more than 25 years we have been planning events of any kind and we know how important is having regard for raw materials and paying close attention to the food quality.

Cooking is art, cooking is poetry, cooking is accuracy, cooking is warmth. Cooking is all this things and much more.
Food not only has to be tasty, it has to surprise, to move, food has the power to make you feel happy or nostalgic, food can make you smile and can remind you something, it can delight you and enchant you. All of these things are achievable only if there is previously an accurate study.This study started together with the building of our new kitchen, where raw materials have to follow a detailed path to assure the final customer of the reliability and the quality.

Our cooks know well how important is taking care of foodstuffs. The respect for food is the first of our values: the attention we have in the ingredients choice, the best quality selection, the freshness obsession and the care we put in preparing each plate, lead us to the event creation. Each plate is studied, tasted, and above all is loved.

Just in this way it is possible to create enjoyable and genuine dishes; dishes that gently brush your palate, banquets that whet your appetite. Furthermore, each of our plates is instant so as to let our guests consume always the best product, wherever we are. Indeed, we can easily set up our mobile kitchen everywhere and in any weather conditions so that product quality is always preserved.

Talk with us about your needs: our chef are always available to create together with you the menu and the most appropriate dishes for your party and your guests. They will help you to match the right flavours and to customise your menu that will make your banquet a great success.