After two decades spent inside Villa Zaccanti, our desire to have more space available and to increase our autonomy started growing. For this reason, in 2017, during its twenty-fifth birthday, Valerio Ricevimenti staff moved to a new venue in Via Modena 13, a modern location completely dedicated to their activity, which renovates their image and better shows their identity.

The new venue, wide more than 1000sq.m, is ready to welcome our customers in the elegant show-room placed at the first floor. Here you can find several tables arranged in different styles and choose the one closer to your taste. Customers can then take their ease in our comfortable sitting room, in front of the wall-screen, where we can introduce to each other and listen our customer’s opinion: we always try to understand your wishes so as to create a bespoke proposal together, perfectly in line with your needs.

Later, we can go and visit the heart of this activity, placed at the ground floor: the kitchen. This part has been thought and built in order that a product follow a path in the interest of the quality and the safety; since the raw material is delivered by some reliable suppliers, during the whole processing stage in the appropriate areas, till transport and its last express tranformation, occurring in the reception venue. Fifty of the 250sq.m, on which the kitchen is developed, are totally intended for our pastry-shop use.

Beyond the kitchen’s door, for over than 250sq.m, a modern open space, called Dispensa VR, has been created. This location, having a more underground and young style, has been thought to host a great variety of events. from a birthday, to a communion or a baptism, from a conference to a corporate dinner, from a graduation party to a themed event, from a vernissage to a kitchen lesson.

..and even an other news!

In 2017 we decided to inaugurate an additional show-room office that could be a closer landmark to our customers from Lucca and Pisa. Our coworker Daniela will be delighted to welcome you at the office set in Vicolo Parco della Rimembranza 13, Cascine di Buti (PI), you will be able to visit it by appointment calling the number 333 2308930 or writing to